10 Recruiting Trends That Are Slowly Taking Off

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The ways we do business changes frequently, and believe it or not, so does the way we attract and hire new professionals. Here are the top ten ways that recruitment trends are changing.

  1. Smarter Job Searches

Some job search websites are developing AI technologies that allow jobseekers to find their ideal positions easier, and it is recruiters who are preferring to advertise on these sites as well. One such job search sites is Jobrapido. Anyone searching for any specific roles or jobs in Manchester will also be exposed to other positions they would most likely be suitable for, or at the very least interested in. This process should greatly increase the likelihood for any job seeker finding their ideal roles which in turn is extremely gratifying to employers.

  1. Recruitment Marketing

It is no longer just okay to advertise your job description and wait for the fish to feed. Now you have to actively market your roles. This means advertising positions across many platforms and social media accounts.

  1. Developing Employer Brands

An employer brand is a way of showing potential professionals what they could experience by working for you. Effective ways of doing this are by releasing video content featuring current employees, office tours and other fun videos.

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  1. Keeping Talent Pools

To save time and money during the hiring process, businesses are keeping hold of people’s CVs (with permission) who have applied previously for positions. They may also note down talent that they are aware of and would like to invite for an interview. Keeping such a pool on record can speed up the recruitment process significantly.

  1. Automation Technologies

A number of technologies are being invented to sift through applications quicker, one of them is through automated telephone interviews. AI can be utilized to determine whether answers given would warrant the applicant to progress to the next phase – and save precious business hours.

  1. GDPR Awareness

EU new GDPR regulations on data protection mean all businesses must act with caution when handling or storing EU citizens’ data. Whether you are employing in Manchester or Milan, these rules need to be abode by or risk heavy fines.

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  1. Employer Referral Programmes

If your employees already know people who would be perfect to fill current openings, you can reward them for any successful recommendations. This allows you to give back to your employees for their valuable input.

  1. Cross-Department Hiring

HR departments are the people usually charged with finding the top talent, but it is far more effective if HR teams work alongside other departments to verify qualified applicants. This is a new trend within companies to prevent hiring the wrong people.

  1. Focusing on Soft Skills

A technology-dependent world is causing us to lose the number of people who have exceptional soft skills. This has caused businesses to heighten their focus on these skills between applicants, as well as focus on qualification and working experiences.

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  1. Project Hiring

A gig economy has also created more demand for project-based contracts over long-term contracts. Some recruiters will prefer to employ a professional for their services for a number of months each year, rather than having them in house.

There have been many changes to the recruitment process over the last few years and it is likely that technology will continue to change the ways employers operate. AI and Virtual Reality may just be the next big steps in this area.