NETDUMP: Watch At The Mercy Of It All, a short film featuring music from The Body and The Haxan Cloak

Apr 4, 2014

Self-sacrifice, a totally sick hermitage, and sludge metal.

NETDUMP: Arca and Jesse Kanda share a scene from new short film, TRAUMA

Mar 18, 2014

Features dancing from nightmare babies.

Netdump: Eclectic Method short runs through the history of sampling in three beautiful minutes

Feb 20, 2014

Some tracks you might not recognize became ones you definitely will.

Netdump: Hear a new Arca song in short animation “Fluid Silhouettes,” directed by Jesse Kanda

Jan 20, 2014

The Venezuelan producer continues to push his hybridity to challenging new places.

Netdump: Four Tet turns Michael Jackson's <em>Thriller</em> into a beat

Jan 15, 2014

Four Tet samples Thriller. Isn't that enough for you?

Netdump: Watch World Star drill deep in powerful documentary The Field: Chicago

Jan 8, 2014

Get to know the people behind the sound of America's murder capital.

netdump: Watch James Murphy’s short film Little Duck

Oct 31, 2013

16 mins of poignant brotherly resentment.

netdump: Hear David Bowie’s long lost BBC radio show from 1973

Oct 23, 2013

He plays (now classic) rock and talks knowledgeably about it, as you'd expect.

Watch “The Book of Nightfall,” a manifesto from Skrillex signees Phuture Doom

Oct 17, 2013

A mysterious metal-dubstep group debuts their overarching philosophy. It's a bit scary.