This Week's Best Videos featuring Dan Deacon

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Dan Deacon, Run The Jewels and more…

An especially strong week for music videos that will make you think, laugh, trip and cringe.

- Mar 27, 2015
This week, we hosted a roundtable discussion heralding the golden age of the animated music video. Then, Dan Deacon dropped this masterclass of animation done by 9 artists, including Chad VanGaalen (who was in our panel). But it was a strong week for live action videos too, both weird and funny and staid and thought-provoking.

Dan Deacon, "When I Was Done Dying"

DDWIWDD (Dan Deacon “When I Was Done Dying”) | Off The Air | Adult Swim

Sne brave team of 9 animators (including Chad VanGaalen) tackled the song individually to create a morphing, twisted, sometimes literal, and eyegasmic journey into the most confusing and best acid trip you've ever had. At times it perfectly captures this generation's inability to stay focused, and at others it illustrates your dreams of drifting to a new world.

QT, "Hey QT"

This is pretty much it: starkly bright pinks and whites, self-consciously blank dance routines, and a retro-futuristic vibe that I think I last saw in an Eiffel 65 video. Sold!

Run The Jewels, "Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)"

Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha - "Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)"

Director AG Rojas pictures a police-civilian brawl that lasts all day and all night; so long, in fact, that they forget why they're entangled. As if they, the police officer and the unarmed young black man, are just chemically opposed — a predator and his prey.

Charli XCX, "Famous"

Charli XCX - Famous [Official Music Video YTMAs]

Charli XCX taps funnyman-director Eric Wareheim to explore the perils of unplugging from the hyper-connected world of screens and digital representation and social networking.

Chilly Gonzales, "Advantage Points"

Chilly Gonzales - Advantage Points (Official Video)

As anyone who's seen Barry Lyndon well knows, duelling was the way gentlemen of polite society settled disputes in the middle of the 18th century. It was imprecise, inhumane, a touch overdramatic, and probably often the stuff of folly as Gonzales imagines here.

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