This Week's Best Videos featuring Grimes

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Grimes, Death Grips, Odonis Odonis and more…

The new Grimes music video probably crashed Tumblr, but you can watch it here alongside more of this week's best.

- Mar 13, 2015
Some of this week's best songs came with their own music videos, making the two media hard to separate. So this list does double duty, giving us new jams from Grimes, Death Grips and Grounders. Watch and listen below.


Grimes - REALiTi

Vogueing through jungles, temples and neon-burnt streets, you get the sense that Grimes thrives by soaking in the colour — literally, metaphorically — wherever she might be.

Death Grips, "On GP"

Death Grips - On GP

The internet's favourite noise-rap trolls have a new post-breakup (?) jam, and it might be the first Death Grips song you can actually hum along to, with a heavy multi-part psychedelic guitar structure played by, oh, let's guess, Benedict Cumberbatch. It comes with a Replacements-esque anti-video of the band hanging lethargically near a giant speaker. JENNY DEATH WHEN you ask? Next week. Unless it's been here all along. - Richard Trapunski

Odonis Odonis,"Office Sluts"

Odonis Odonis - "Office Sluts"

...something's not right — that voyeuristic camera, the song title you can't quite choke down. Come to think of it, we never really see her face. I'm not convinced this is a happy thing at all. Even in a summery jam, the Odonis trio can find a sinister stripe.

Grounders, "Pull It Over Me"

Grounders - "Pull It Over Me" (Official Music Video)

So that's what happened to our sad Garfield costume! The cuddly, sinister Monday-hating cat was last scene protesting chemtrails in the park in our Elephant Stone Noisemakers session, but here he comes back to soundtrack this gauzy, Mac DeMarcian jam from Toronto's Grounders. - Richard Trapunski

Bile Sister, "Wasted Crochet"

Bile Sister - Wasted Crochet (Official Music Video)

Using the green screen as a springboard, director Dave Bedrich matches the band’s mutant discotronix with a polychromatic explosion of cat masks, Casios, and purple-wigged shredding. Grinning faces and layered body parts meld into funhouse mirror visions from the Douggpound school of edit desk overload.

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