This Week's Best Videos. feat Drake Jungle short film

This Week’s 5 Best Videos: Drake, PUP and more…

This week's best videos are alternately cutesy, moody and chilling, both literally and figuratively.

- Feb 13, 2015
Drake's 15-minute video features about 30 seconds of music, but we're going to count it as a "music video" anyway. Other themes this week: DIY Claymation, Ontario winters, and touring. Lots of touring. Watch the week's best music videos below.

Drake, "Jungle"

Watch Pensive Drake in tippy-top form as he leads the Terrence Malick tour of Toronto's parking lots and coffee shops and condo towers.

PUP, "Back Against The Wall"


How do you shake up the monotony of a standard live or touring style music video? If you're PUP you multiply it by 250. The Toronto pop-punks played over 250 shows last year, and, whether they were planning to shoot a video or not, they did.

Joey Bada$$ ft. BJ the Chicago Kid, "Like Me"

Joey Bada$$ - "Like Me" ft. BJ the Chicago Kid (Official Music Video)

There's something especially powerful when Joey Bada$$, a 20-year-old black male, imagines himself felled, unjustly, by the gun of an NYPD police officer. While referencing the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, "Like Me" envisions how even an innocent kid can easily fall victim to the same fate just by virtue of his profile.

Twerps, "Stranger"

Twerps "Stranger"

Twerps, the Australian indie pop act, have managed to make a video so sickly cute in that homemade, handcrafted, Etsycore way that I think the whole aesthetic might be bested. Scram Zooey D., there's a new sheriff in town.

Century Palm, "New Creation" 

Century Palm - New Creation

Here we find Century Palm, a new Toronto outfit from the former Ketamines and Penny Clark of Tough Age, spending a Sunday as all good Ontario bands ought to do: down at the old wastewater treatment plant appraising the spray off the frosty waves, palling around, and showing a few icicles who's boss.

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