This Week's Best Videos feat. Kanye West

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Kanye West, Teenanger and more…

North West starred in all of this week's best videos. Squint and you'll see her.

- Jan 30, 2015
We had a lot of favourite videos this week, not least of which was Absolutely Free morphing into a Norman McLaren NFB short. But since we shot that and we're 100% impartial, we'll have to go with these other 5 best music videos of the week. They're all good too.

Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney, "Only One"

Kanye West - Only One ft. Paul McCartney

The truth is: Kanye has always used his visual presence (videos, TV spots, talk show performances) as a vital part of his messaging; its how he presents his side of the story, telegraphs stylistic changes, and gently manipulates the discourse around him. So many of the nuances of Kanye West have come to us by way of his music videos.

Teenanger, "Twisted"

Teenanger "Twisted" // Official Music Video

If E P L P was the perfect record to tip beers to in summer's dying days, then the "Twisted" video, velvet painting come to life that it is, is that night at the cottage when you and your friends decide it might be fun to try mushrooms again. Psychedelia never really gets old.

Ariel Pink, "Dayzed Inn Daydreams"

Ariel Pink – "Dayzed Inn Daydreams" (Official Music Video)

Rick Wilder (lead singer of '70s cult band The Mau-Mau's) stars as the glam Mickey Rourke, a former rock god who now bags groceries, gets dressed down by his boss and hassled by no good kids, who don't see his former highs in his emaciated, nose-pierced face, but just see an old freak.

Light Fires, "Call It Like That"

Light Fires - Call It Like That

The new video for Light Fires' contemplative synth ballad "Call It Like That." 16mm black and white film alternates with typically glamorous Sackville, New Brunswick live footage of Regina strutting the stage, but the grainy, slowmo party scenes resemble Studio 54 footage, with the fatalistic retrospective feeling that the party's nearly over.

Clairmont The Second, "Flame Princess"

Clairmont The Second - Flame Princess (Official Video)

"We aimed to make this unlike any Toronto video (hip-hop) that's been rolled out this year. Theres a lot of same-yness and cliches used all the time with those kinds of visuals. That ain't gonna be Clairmont, ever." - co-director Ben Cook

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