This Week's Best Videos feat. Majid Jordan Forever

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Majid Jordan, Viet Cong and more…

Watch the week's best videos, from Majid Jordan's Toronto landmark dance party to Bart's psychedelic infinity.

- Jan 23, 2015
This week's 5 best music videos immortalize Toronto's new subways, reintroduce a cult classic, and blow our minds. Watch them all below.

Majid Jordan, "Forever"

Majid Jordan - Forever Official Video

A nimble dancer shimmies through [Toronto], hitting the new subway, Allen Gardens, the Toronto Reference Library, through U of T campus, the streets of Chinatown - it's basically a pre-written Reel Toronto blog post.

Viet Cong, "Silhouettes"

Viet Cong - "Silhouettes" (Official Video)

It's a white-knuckled, tip-of-your-toes walk through the visual history of the darker, creepier territories of '70s and '80s film history to match the track's own movement through roughly the corresponding era of post-punk.

Bart, "Wade"

While experimenting with video feedback in their attic (first humans, then thread and ornaments, green painter's tape, and finally light bulbs), the band quickly discovered the key to colourful, abstract infinity: lasers. By removing the objects in the three dimensional space between the camera and the screen altogether, they found themselves in a new visual realm.

Ex Hex, "Don't Wanna Lose"

Ex Hex - Don't Wanna Lose (Official Music Video)

In a better world, Ex Hex become the media sensation that Corinne Burns and her Fabulous Stains did in the 1982 cult flick Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains, inspiring a legion of disempowered souls to act out.

Tobias Jesso Jr., "How Could You Babe"

Tobias Jesso Jr. - How Could You Babe

Vancouver songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. is predestined to be stamped with the title "old soul." Now that we see him singing against the waves and in empty pools (is it still cool if it's a piano instead of a skateboard?), his mop-locked babyface is a clean contrast to his '70s-indebted songwriting.

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