This Week's Best Videos featuring Grimes

This Week’s Top 4 Music Videos: Grimes, Chad VanGaalen and more…

Science-fiction is the future! Plus more contemporary but still remarkable music videos from the past seven days.

- Aug 29, 2014
Watch the best music videos of the week, fresh from the YouTube oven.

Chad VanGaalen, "Monster"

Chad VanGaalen - Monster [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

" amateur cryptozoologist's wildest dreams. Or, the beta design for an extremely dark Pokémon game. "

Chad drew for us.

Grimes, "Go"

(watch at MuchMusic)

"She's said that the energetic clip was their "take on Dante's Inferno" with 'circles of hell [that] reflect more contemporary issues.'"

The devil's in the details.

Shabazz Palaces, "#CAKE"

Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"There's no story for the marathon man or the giant faces, bodies and snake he encounters during his tour of abandoned buildings, but the energy crackling off the composition of the images is enough to mesmerize."

An excellent entry in the sci-fi/hip-hop canon.

Pional, "It's All Over"

Pional - It's All Over (Official Video)

"Every frame of the video, from the pre-party party to the party to the tragedy, displays different styles of post-production animation."

Painted party.

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