This Week's Best Video featuring The War On Drugs

This Week’s 4 Best Music Videos: Absolutely Free, The War On Drugs, Trash Talk and one more!

Your eyes are mouths, and cool music videos are like fudge brownies.

- Aug 22, 2014
Watch these three times a day with meals and that rash should clear right up.

Absolutely Free, "Beneath The Air"

Absolutely Free - Beneath The Air (Official Video)

"The 3500 individually painted frames (previously seen at an exhibit at Videofag) are stitched together into one gorgeous and psychedelic cycle of characters, like you're on the soaring journey of The Snowman's "Walking In The Air" sequence while having your face smooshed into the Screamadelica and Yes Please! covers. Yes, please."

Watchagonnado whenya getouttajail?

The War On Drugs, "Under The Pressure"

The War on Drugs - Under The Pressure (Official Video)

"It's all you need to get along with your roommates, really: form a rock band, practice in separate rooms, and surround yourselves with the fragments of art film interludes."

More retro film wandering in 2014.

Trash Talk, "The Great Escape"

Trash Talk - "The Great Escape" (Official Video)

"The cartoon band steals an ancient chalice from a convenience store, and undergoes the sort of bloody and grotesque demon transformations you expect after imbibing from a horned skull cup."

Previously on The Animated Adventures of Trash Talk...

Hooray For Earth, "Say Enough"

"Apparently it is possible to conjure a stirring romance from pirated Playstation 1 caliber visuals."

Begin UR lust.

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