This Week's Best Videos feat. Celestial Shore

This Week’s 4 Best Music Videos: Actress, Röyksopp & Robyn and more…

Treat your eyes to some lovely animation and a ghoulish rap seance.

- Aug 15, 2014
Clips so exceptional, they'll make you clean your filthy monitor. Watch the best music videos of the week below.

Röyksopp & Robyn, "Monument"

Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)

"Give it up for the restrained special effects, too: trippy cellular renderings, kaleidoscopic architecture, and the surrounding galaxies never push to be eye-popping, and that's why they are."

Soon we'll have floating discs in every home.

Actress, "Xoul Particles"

actress - xoul particles

"Nic Hamilton's video is constantly on the move with loads of gorgeous and fragmented 3D animated tracking shots, giving the impression of staring out the window of a train surfing over radio waves."

More space age tracking.

Celestial Shore, "Creation Myth"

Celestial Shore "Creation Myth" (Official Video)

"To the tune of fretboard-immolating riffs and downy vocals chanting 'we evolve,' Angela Stempel delivers a beautiful animation of a rubbery dude going from slacker-to-yuppie while evading suits and raining televisions."

Another idea of how it all began.

18+, "Crow"

"Pulling from hip-hop music video tradition as well as World Star vids where the phone isn't turned sideways, the black and white clip positions a video diary in disconcerting black and white with a bit of found footage and some flies."

Psychological horrorcore.

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