This Week's Best Videos - Azealia Banks

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Phillip Selway, Moonface, Azealia Banks and more…

Everything you should watch before the "Anaconda" video make every recorded visual obsolete.

- Aug 8, 2014
Here you go. Enjoy! Love you! Was that too soon?

Philip Selway, "Coming Up For Air"

"A lot of movie special effects secrets are revealed, like how they filmed the eye through the keyhole, the one handed cliff rescue, drowning person POV and much more."

More movie magic.

Moonface, "City Wrecker"

Moonface - "City Wrecker" (Official Video)

"...another gutting piano ballad from Spencer Krug's solo project Moonface, with a resolute black and white video."

Read Spencer Krug's open letter about the new EP.

Azealia Banks, "Heavy Metal and Reflective"

Heavy Metal And Reflective (Official Music Video) - Azealia Banks

"...the clip for Azealia Banks's first single since leaving Universal Records. She frees herself from captivity (ahem) and becomes queen of a dirt-bike gang with her gothy twerk tune as their anthem."

Another hip hop desert drag race.

Hush Pup, "Swimming"

"Where's the Spuds MacKenzie for our post-vapourwave lifestyles? Right here! It's Teagle the Space Lobster and it knows which VHS dimension all the babes are in."

Teagle speaks.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, "Harold's"

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Harold's

Here's how Madlib does it.

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