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This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Basement Jaxx, Iceage, YG, and more…

Weird tales of revolution, furniture, and asses in this week's video roundup.

- Jul 25, 2014
Did you know YG wrote his music video treatment for "Bicken Back Being Bool?" Let's get him on the new Star Wars.

Basement Jaxx feat ETML, "Never Say Never"

Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never ft. ETML

"...the special effects are insane, the plot is hilarious, and the years-long sex fasting between the two lead scientists leads to a climax suggested by the sight of a shaking butt."

This is getting out of hand.

Iceage, "The Lord's Favourite"

"Cali Thornhill DeWitt's video smooths the band's sonic transition with a group of familiar yet skewed set pieces: a hoedown, champagne showers, a lonely guitarist, a prisoner in an empty room and more."

Can these outlaws take on a real, actual sheriff?

White Fence, "Chairs In The Dark"

"...a not-so-surreal excursion once you figure out the strange black & white imagery is actually following the gently moaned lyrics."

Haunted chair.

Robyn & Röykopp, "Do It Again"

"'Do It Again' starts off like a classic leftist thriller from the '70s, with well-dressed young people having heated discussions surrounded by books and tweed."

We are the youth of the nation.

YG, "Bicken Back Being Bool"

YG - "Bicken Back Being Bool" (Official Video)

"Alex Nazari casts YG as a Tre/Baha composite of reluctant thug/loyal Blood, and adds colour to the song's fuck you anthem with a spoken word intro by a sharply dressed red flag bearer."

Now let's get a Juice remake.

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