This Week's Best Videos

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Sufjan Stevens, Bry Webb, Austra and more…

Plus: runaway trains and YouTube tutorials gone right.

- Jul 4, 2014
The secret to wealth and prosperity is hiding in this week's best videos. Just read between the lines. And send us four payments of $39.95.

Austra, "Hulluu" (dir. Zeezy Powers)

Austra - Hulluu (Official Video)

"...the electro trio from Toronto have released an instructional video for how to dance to the venomous closing track "Hulluu," with Zeezy Powers directing and Emily Law as The Dancer."

I'm wayyy behind on my Netflix list.

Bry Webb, "Prove Me Wrong" (dir. Colin Medley)

"For those of us who view the donkey primarily as the source for beach rides and a really great swear word (also donkey, but jacka** if you're really rude), this a brief metaphysical reassessment of a creature we take for granted."

Donkeys deserve respect.

Imre Kiss, "Non" (dir. Hurfyd)

"A collage of stop-motion animation, movies, and some form of projection technique, it's an exciting and constantly evolving battle of trains, monsters, and Hollywood royalty, sometimes combined into one boxcar."

Evil train lol.

Sufjan Stevens, "Year of the Tiger" (dir. Geoffrey Hoskinson)

Sufjan Stevens, "Year of the Tiger"

"Geoffrey Hoskinson sends chard of brightly coloured shapes away and apart to form moaning tiger faces, fertilization and more."

Another relaxed Tiger. 

Hospitality, "I Miss Your Bones" (dir. Lara Gallagher)

Hair on YouTube.

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