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This Week’s 4 Best Videos: FKA twigs, Liars, HSY and more…

Watch all the best stuff then some more tangentially related things!

- Jun 27, 2014
This week, not only are we giving you the best videos, we're telling you what else to watch right after. It's like we don't want you to get any work done.

FKA twigs, "Two Weeks"

FKA twigs - Two Weeks

It took a second for me to warm up to this clip - I'm not the biggest fan of Nabil's videos, which occasionally default to a glossy pop reverence without much beneath it. But each version of FKA twigs captivates entirely, and fully inhabits the perhaps on-the-nose royal role she's given.

Now watch this: A groundbreaking documentary on aliens in ancient times.

Liars, "Pro Anti Anti"

Computers and cable television have allowed us to destroy almost anything we want for our own amusement. Liars could have gone that route when they decided to scan their heads into wax moulds and melt them, but the colours and cinematography make it more than just self-indulgent destruction.

Now watch this: Learn how hot dogs are made. 

HSY, "Cyber Bully"


Gory, gross and filmed on a camera drilled in someone's forehead, the Toronto noise punks make a shoestring budget stretch into some daring territory.

Now watch this: Japanese cyberpunk flick √964 Pinocchio.

Ice Cream, "Plastic"

Danielle "Aphrodite" Nemet called her video "A contemplation of determinism and chaos, a meditation on the realms and planes of existence." Ice Cream said they were " dolls in a doll house, static, trapped forever, plastic never dies!" I'll take both.

Now watch this: Todd Haynes' haunting Barbie biopic Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.

Runner-ups: A Sunny Day In Glasgow's jubilant POV tour and Hooray For Earth enjoyed some alien motorbike sex.

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