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This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: The Knife, Blood Orange, Nils Frahm and more…

Learn a "political Macarena," get those blind home renovations done, and lots more.

- Jun 13, 2014
It's Friday the do you break the witch's curse? Spin around three times, listen to Supertramp for three hours, then watch this week's five best music videos.

The Knife, "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda"

Europa Europa and The Knife -- För alla namn vi inte får använda

"With the cabaret Europa Europa and the song and music video "För alla namn vi inte får använda" by Europa Europa and The Knife we want to praise all those hundreds of thousands of people who defy the cameras, the deadly waters, the barbed wire, the violence and the compact political resistance, and make it across the external and internal borders of Europe every year." - The Knife

Blood Orange, "You're Not Good Enough"

Blood Orange — "You're Not Good Enough" (Official Music Video)

"Dev and his all-white suited band take to the sound stage for a series of elaborate, passionate and just sloppy enough dance numbers that capture the wholesomesexy vibe of the record perfectly, all while Gia Coppola watches from a control room."

Nils Frahm, "Re"

"A lone deer navigates the scabs of ruined but redeemable planet in the video for avant-garde composer Nils Frahm's "Re," animated by Balázs Simon, a fan who made the clip on his own."

Hundred Waters, "Murmurs"

Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Official Video)

"...a strange account of willfully blind home renovators and frontwoman Nicole Miglis in a forlorn dance of lowballed quotes."

Sebastien Tellier, "Aller vers le soleil"

Sebastien Tellier - Aller vers le soleil (Official Video)

"Ruda Cabral arranges lots of weird and lovely set pieces in "Aller vers le soleil"'s range of breathtaking tropical scenery."

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