This Week's Best Videos

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Guided By Voices, Alex Calder, and more…

Take an upside down tour of Toronto, party through a hangover, and set your grandfather on fire to these exceptional clips.

- Jun 6, 2014
What a difference eating three donuts and an egg/bacon/butter sandwich can make to your morning! Along with watching the best music videos of the week? I feel like I'm growing a new brain!

Guided By Voices, "Bad Love Is Easy To Do"

"Had they been born 20 years earlier, Guided By Voices' Pollard & Sprout could have been coffee house kings — one, the Dionysian philosopher; the other, his virtuosic accompany. Here, we see that their bridge over troubled water is out."

Ladi6, "Hold Tight"

"What if your favourite classic Sesame Street animation was beamed into space and looped back to Earth through a wormhole?"

Alex Calder, "Mid Life Holiday"

Alex Calder Mid Life Holiday (OFFICIAL VID)

"In the terrifically silly and vaguely horrifying video, directed with by the always great Pierce McGarry of Walter TV, we get a glimpse of Alex recording using a sampler and getting far more shouty."

Ken Park, "He Says I'm An Island (I Won't Try And Find Him)"

KEN PARK - He Says I'm an Island (I Wont Try And Find Him)

"There's a slyness to the clip's frayed graphics and upside down city drive, not to mention the lush synth tune's link to the vaporwave's joyful obsolescence. But the interview, however garbled and functionless, lends a human element."

How To Dress Well, "Face Again"

How to Dress Well - Face Again (Part 2 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

"Here's part two of How To Dress Well's What Is This Heart? music video trilogy (watch the first chapter here). "Face Again" follows the two lovers deciding what to do with the corpse of a beloved elderly relative they may or may not have killed."

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