This Week's Best Videos Mac DeMarco

This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Mac DeMarco, Mykki Blanco, Kool A.D. and more…

Rampages, band tension and romance in a red room form our favourite clips of the week.

- May 30, 2014
Any story needs conflict, and our favourite music videos this week had all sorts: man vs. man, woman vs. man, dog man vs. world, woman vs. drone, and Band 2 Band.

Mac DeMarco, "Passing Out Pieces"

Mac DeMarco - Passing Out Pieces (Official Video)

"Mac plays a Bad Lieutenant version of himself stuck in a nightmare vision of the city, where a piece of produce is never far behind your next decapitated hand or dead lettuce baby."

Fear Of Men, "Descent"

FEAR OF MEN - Descent

"'Descent'...probes the tensions of a romantic relationship, this time focusing on the trappings of autonomy, loss of individuality, and the limitations of the world you share. It also reminds me of Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' video."

Kool A.D., "Word"


"Drawn by the rapper himself, Victor Vasquez becomes a tripping dog with a six breasted rabbit/canine gal pal, and together they embark on a psychedelic Bonnie and Clyde spree with lots of road head."

Mykki Blanco, "She Gutta"

Mykki Blanco - "She Gutta" (Official Video)

"Faced with the banality of evil in drones and police brutality, Blanco and pals react by having the most fun, by any means necessary."

Lower, "Soft Option"

Lower - "Soft Option" video

" turns out we just interrupted the band in the middle of a very tense meeting. And the door's locked behind us, so we're just going to have to sit down and watch them hash it out."

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