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This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: The Head And The Heart, Flying Lotus, Metronomy and more…

Some serious cinematic gold in this week's best music videos.

- May 9, 2014
This week's five best videos are almost all about special effects you don't need a pair of uncomfortable glasses to enjoy. And one really exceptionally cinematic one. Enjoy.

The Head And The Heart, "Summertime"

The Head and the Heart - Summertime [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"[Chad VanGaalen's] surreal clips always have a macabre topsoil, and this nature excursion is no exception, with its close-ups of bird puke and carnivorous butterflies."

Metronomy, "Reservoir"

Metronomy - Reservoir (Official Video)

"The English band get drawn in a Crayola marker world where surreal wormholes lead to lots of eye-popping free-associated excursions."

Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington, "Phantasm"

"Fitting with the track's slow-orbiting gas planet soul, it's a patient and colourful tale of a stoic alien and a shaggy humanoid that helps him discover the starlight underneath his Invisible Man bandages."

How To Dress Well, "Repeat Pleasure"

How to Dress Well - Repeat Pleasure (Part 1 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

"In under four minutes, it establishes the story of two lovers brought together by a tragedy, finely details its characters, and progresses its plot efficiently, without a single word of dialogue. Perhaps the most cinematic music video of the year?"

Cousins, "Mess"

"Display cases of disemboweled fish, regurgitated sweet spreads, and a breakdancing beef tongue are all centrepieces."

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