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This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: Kevin Drew, Real Estate, Solids, and more…

Glitter, grunge and denim star in this week's best music videos.

- Apr 17, 2014
This week's five best music videos include two that we premiered at Chart Attack (no bias!), glitter, grunge, and denim. Watch them all below while eating lamb or turkey or matzah, whatever you're into.

Kevin Drew, "Mexican Aftershow Party"

"It's been a closely guarded secret in the Canadian music industry that Broken Social Scene bandleader Kevin Drew suffers from a debilitating skin condition that covers 90% of his body in glitter. He's finally learned to let go for the "Mexican Aftershow Party" video."

Real Estate, "Crime"

"The video is hilarious. Andy [Daly] plays a broke Tom Scharpling who's forced to crowdsource his latest video treatment from a bunch of wealthy benefactors, including the Westboro Baptist Church."

Teen Tits Wild Wives, "Louis"


"...we have our answer once and for all: Heaven is a '90s Bugle Boy ad."

Courtney Barnett, "Anonymous Club"

Courtney Barnett - Anonymous Club

"Charming monsters are trapped in a black-and-white world filled with abstract shapes, their eyes (or eye) are (/is) filled with tears, and they puke up other, also ennui-stricken creatures."

Solids, "Over The Sirens"

Solids - Over The Sirens [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"We're debuting the disorienting new black & white clip for "Over The Sirens," but in a fitter timeline it'd have it's premiere on some sort of magical all-music television channel." 

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