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This Week’s 5 Best Music Videos: A Tribe Called Red, RATKING, Blood Orange and more…

All about feeling at home. At a rave, or with a lover, or suspended from hooks.

- Apr 11, 2014
This week's five best music videos are all about feeling at home. At a rave, or with a lover, or suspended from hooks. Watch them all at your parents' house with an old dog near your feet.

Blood Orange, "Uncle ACE" (Kindness remix feat. Robert Owens)

Blood Orange - Uncle ACE (Kindness remix feat. Robert Owens)

"...questions appear as title cards, and are answered with images of various places and people in Hynes's childhood town (for their actual answers, check the video's YouTube description)."

Jackson and His Computerband, "Memory"

"Shot in a black-and-white befitting the stark digi-soul ballad, the clip analyzes the distorting effect time has on the memory of a relationship, something that's only aggravated with surreal explosions once it's suddenly and disastrously restarted."

A Tribe Called Red, "Sisters"

A Tribe Called Red - Sisters ft Northern Voice

"Three aboriginal girls prepare for A Tribe Called Red's monthly Electric Powwow rave in Ottawa, just like any other excited young people might: dancing, trying on outfits, hanging out the car windows. It looks familiar, and that's the point..."

Pure X, "Heaven"

Pure X "Heaven" (Official Video)

"The Ben Kitnick-directed video for Austin pastoral psych group Pure X's 'Heaven' is a character study of Corey Busboom, a demolition derby driver, circuit bender for Devo and body mod suspension enthusiast."

RATKING, "Canal"

"For every one reference I understand there are probably dozens more that only those respective residents could. RATKING render their home as an objectively ugly place and find beauty in their skills."

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