this weeks best videos owen pallett

This Week’s Best Videos: Owen Pallett, Cut Copy, FUZZ, and more…

...like Tommy Kruise, Clark and an oscilloscope.

- Feb 28, 2014
Owen Pallett's back! He has a great new video. FUZZ are here! They have a great first video. Everyone else, great job. Loved your vids. Watch them all below.

Tommy Kruise, "Hers"


"Martin C. Pariseau‘s direction focuses mainly on Bogdan’s love of music, and follows him throughout the facility with his earbuds and few friends."

Clark, "Superscope"

Clark - Superscope

"The video...uses the song’s cavernous, fire-rimmed techno as a sort of paint for the device’s green light beams to trace its raving galaxies."

FUZZ, "Raise"


"Hints of PoltergeistVideodrome, and white people’s hatred of leaving haunted houses are laid on thick..."

Cut Copy, "We Are Explorers"

Cut Copy - "We Are Explorers" (Video)

"There’s no point in wondering if there are aliens among us camouflaged as humans, conducting research while masked as your friends and neighbours. Be an optimist: it’s much more likely that they’re walking around with their nude green bodies unsheathed, just too tiny to see."

Owen Pallett, "On A Path"

Owen Pallett - On A Path (Lyric Video)

"...it was shot by Steve Kadowho stayed in Pallett’s house for a week and took photos of every object in it."

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