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This Week’s Best Videos: Metronomy, Death Grips, The Notwist and more… Each Other and Marissa Nadler

- Feb 14, 2014

Before you dive into some butter chicken, enjoy the best videos of the week. If you don't have butter chicken, force down your terrible meal, then watch.

Death Grips, "No Love"

Death Grips - No Love (Official Video)

"As the band trash themselves and their instruments, a horizontal text crawl tracks how many days they’ve not given a fuck, and it’s all repeatedly halted for [an] interstitial..."

Each Other, "Your Floor Is My Ceiling"

Your Ceiling is My Floor - Each Other

"It’s like a group recreational activity for a mid ’90s cult that believed only in the power of green screen and top-of-the-line computers, i.e. Windows ’95."

The Notwist, "Kong"

The Notwist - Kong [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“[It's] based on a true story that involved Marcus Acher and his family being trapped in their home during an Ammer River flood in Weilheim, Germany. During the experience, the young Acher resorted to fantasy, secretly hoping a superhero would save his family as the waters rose around them.”

Metronomy, "Love Letters"

Metronomy - Love Letters (Official Video)

"[Director Michel] Gondry’s resolute eye remains marvelled at the odd and extraordinary in the everyday, and his genius lies in his unfettered presentation."

Marissa Nadler, "Was It A Dream"

Marissa Nadler - Was It A Dream (Official Video)

"An old chap works tirelessly on his editing bed as images of Nadler splice and superimpose with clips of classic cinema."


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