this weeks best videos - st. vincent

This Week’s Best Videos: iamamiwhoami, St. Vincent, Jerome LOL and more… patten and Angel Olsen.

- Feb 7, 2014
You've heard all the songs you want to hear this week. We respect that. But have you seen all the best music videos of the week? It's fine. There's no shame in it. It happens to everyone. You were probably just tired. Here they are: St. Vincent, Angel Olsen and more.

St. Vincent, "Digital Witness"

St. Vincent - Digital Witness

"St. Vincent‘s “Digital Witness” takes you inside what could be the horrible faded pastels of an East German DMV."

Angel Olsen, "Hi-Five"

Angel Olsen - Hi-Five (Official Video)

"Angel wanders around the set of her new video making gestures and jerky dances that seem odd but could really have been lifted from an older variety show..."

patten, "Agen"

"The sum total of humanity`s scientific and cultural acumen is broadcast in two complimentary and epileptic sequences, a good match for the tune’s breathless and skittish ambience."

iamamiwhoami, "fountain"

"Take a moment to respect the awesome feat of our natural world’s existence, as well as the retina screens and 4G networks that allow us to see them anywhere we want."

Jerome LOL feat. Sara Z, "Deleted"

Jerome LOL - Deleted ft. Sara Z

"...a mixture of affectionate kitsch and modern digital ephemera delivered at Snapchat speeds."

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