This Week’s Best Videos: Austra, Killer Mike, Savages and more… Nils Frahm and Tomorrow's World.

- Jan 17, 2014

This week's best videos includes a surreal dance studio, a tour of Atlanta, school days, and ice cream nights. Watch them all below.

Austra, “Hurt Me Now”

“The track's video, directed by M. Blash, is an invasion of a dance studio by a bizarre group of performers: Aryan triplets, scooter rednecks, cyber-medusas, that dude who always goes for it on an empty dance floor, and Austra themselves, who perform for the madness against a backdrop of shifting videos.”

Tomorrow's World, “Life On Earth” 

“I've been waiting all day (Month? Year? Life?) for a music video I could describe as “Rodney Dangerfield's Back To School meets Koyaanisqatsi.” And here it is.”

Nils Frahm, “Says”

Nils Frahm - Says (Official Music Video)

Nils Frahm's “Spaces” gives you the perspective of a chocolate sundae (black and white, obviously) as it gets a variety of sauces poured over its face.”

Killer Mike, “Ghetto Gospel”

Killer Mike - Ghetto Gospel video (Explicit)

“Catch Mike playing a pastor, politico, or some combination on his touring of the streets of Atlanta. So that's strip clubs, soul food, baptisms, and a lot of Holy Spirit.”

Savages, “Strife”

Savages - "Strife"

“The band and director Antoine Carlier...choose to recreate a seaside murder scene from Albert Camus' The Stranger. It depicts a fight to death between a young man and the spectre of his future/dad.”

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