VIDEO ROUNDUP: Dirty Projectors, David Byrne & St. Vincent, House Shoes, Oddience, Flying Lotus

Check out our favourite videos of the week that was.

- Sep 7, 2012


Dirty Projectors –  “Hi Custodian”

Dirty Projectors - "Hi Custodian"

We said: "A spiritual, surreal journey through life and death (and the entire album), Longstreth is “About to Die” (like the song) and meets some “Socialites” (like that other song) and “Blank Offspring” (I think you understand) for a wonderfully discursive video that’s got some wildly beautiful imagery of bikini babes, religious figures, and the band in multiple personas. It’s totally fine if you don’t “get it,” guys, so just take the afternoon off and watch this thing already. It is really good."

David Byrne & St. Vincent – “Who”

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who (Official Video)

We said: "...“Who” from art-rockers David Byrne and St. Vincent sort of works as a silly origin story to their divinely weird collaboration. The pair meet by chance on the outskirts of some non-existent town, Byrne coming across Clark lying on the pavement and soon after they find out they’re completely in step."

House Shoes – “Sweet” (feat. Danny Brown)

We said: "If you’ve ever stumbled into a filthy bathroom stall on acid (just yesterday, right?!), where the sketchy scribbled images on the walls flicker into life, the video “Sweet” from DJ House Shoes will bring back flashbacks that’ll have you clawing at your coworkers faces for the next three minutes or so. Featuring Danny Brown’s ever-expressive cartoon face, the titular rapper morphs into Pac Man one second and skull and bones the next, which is all in a day’s work for the tireless and prolific wordsmith."

Oddience – “Lit Lava Lamp”

Oddience - "Lit Lava Lamp" (Official Video)

We said: "“Lit Lava Lamp” is a sprawling and balmy epic with a huge scope and bigger heart, and from the looks of it, the band members are celebrating either their last days of summer, or their last days on earth, enjoying the simple and highly personal activities whose ends are fast approaching. It’s the sound of several different solitary revelations filtered through warm LA rap."

Flying Lotus – “Until the Quiet Comes”

Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes — short film by Kahlil Joseph, music from Flying Lotus' album

We said: Unrestrained and delicate in its execution, it takes a surreal look at the brutal violence in a Los Angeles Neighbourhood, set to excerpts from the highly anticipated new LP. It’s been a fantastic year for videos, but if anything else gets released this year that tops this in terms of artistry, I’m giving up this writing shit and becoming a cologne salesman.

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