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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Earl Sweatshirt, Blur and more…

This week belonged to Kendrick, but there was other great new hip-hop, not to mention Britpop and stoner rock.

- Mar 20, 2015
If a whole album could be deemed a new song of the week, Kendrick Lamar would be #1 with a bullet. Instead, as most bands went to Texas summer camp, there were still five diamond in the rough new songs to listen to. Hear the five best songs of the week below.

Earl Sweatshirt, "Grief"

Earl Sweatshirt - Grief

He's adrift or lost or just generally fucked. The are no lights ahead. There's nothing to mark his way. All he can do is spark another and be on with it.

Blur, "There Are Too Many of Us"

Blur - There Are Too Many of Us

Now that we live in a world where "new Blur" isn't a strange phrase, hey, there's new Blur. And it really does sound new. To a slow-burn army march and vocoders, Damon Albarn sings a lament to overpopulation and modern, tech-aided ennui.

Grimes & Bleachers, "Entropy"

Grimes, Bleachers - Entropy (Audio)

No peaks or troughs. It's a maximally efficient, elegant engine, sweeping us along on a gust of gloss three minutes — multiplied by, I don't know, 5 replays — at a time.

D-Sisive, "Ice Ice Baby" (187)

There's something cute and refreshing about an artist copping to his or her first, usually less fashionable influences, especially when they've carved out a career in the cred-hungry world of hip-hop. Listen as even "Ice Ice Baby" gets a G-funk tweak.

Shooting Guns, "Mega Volcano"

The perfect pile of sludge to get lost in and forget the Junos ever happened.

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