This Week's Best Songs featuring Jenny Hval

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Jenny Hval, Braids, Speedy Ortiz and more

Self-critical pop songs, love advice, loser anthems — get 'em while they're hot!

- Mar 6, 2015
This week: Jenny Hval lashes at consumerism from inside a pop song, Braids share beautiful, bold nuggets of wisdom, Walter TV bring black metal to the beach, and other fine gems.

Jenny Hval, "That Battle is Over"

Jenny Hval "That Battle is Over" (Official Audio)

There are gorgeous vocal flourishes, ones you might conceivably try whistling, ones that will certainly stick in your head. But then, the words, those curious words. She's doing battle with the big fat ideology at the heart of the industrial pop machine: the unfettered collection of capital. Every other battle — feminism, socialism — well, that battle is over.

Braids, "Taste"

As on "Miniskirt," her words shoot from a place of wisdom; they are denuded, each rendered with incredible emotional fidelity. It's a performance to behold.

Walter TV, "Surf Metal"

Here, the goofballs offer valuable information: at the beach and you forgot yer sunscreen? Try corpse paint, dummy. Black metal surf music — it's all spelled out right there in the name. Like peanut butter and bacon, sometimes it just takes the right idiots to put it together.

Speedy Ortiz, "The Graduates"

Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis knows how to turn a phrase. Here, she might admit to bailing on french club and being a "law school reject," but she's, like, top of her class when it comes to smart, incisive, literary indie rock. Really, one of the poet laureates of our generation.

Nosaj Thing ft. Chance The Rapper, "Cold Stares"

Chance steps on with his dark detached brand of poetry, delivered cool and matter-of-fact, as though he's reciting a bus schedule or reading aloud from the morning news. If this is an elegy or a dark night of the soul or some other sad plea, he sounds resigned — he's done it before, he'll do it again.

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