This Week's Best Songs feat. Calvin Love

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Calvin Love, Cannibal Ox and more…

Momentum-driven shoegaze, drone-folk, underground rap and more great stuff to listen to from the past seven days.

- Feb 6, 2015
This week saw the return of some underground rap legends, plus four great rising artists from all over Canada. Listen to the best songs of the week below.

Calvin Love, "Daydream"

Love has already defined his muddy pop sound on several 7" and his 2012 debut album ::NEW RADAR:: but on "Daydream" he's sanded off his rough edges and upgraded to a more full-flavoured sound. The continuously bopping bassline and the basking guitar riffs play well with Love's heartfelt, plush vocals and the result is so delightful you'll always want it around.

Cannibal Ox ft. MF DOOM, "Iron Rose"

Like the iron they reference some one million times, their comeback sound is heavy, clanging, noisy — strong. This is elemental hip-hop. And they didn't get rusty.

Astral Swans, "What Calms You Down, Freaks Me Out"

"The song is essentially about relationships, and hooking up, and the tension between, wanting to feel normal, and wanting so called 'normal things' (or more-so wanting to want normal things), and the complete inability to really function that way, and having to accept that you don't really get to be a part of the whole, north American meta-narrative, because you're just too odd." - Matthew Swann

ANAMAI, "Lucia"

"Lucia" finds Anna Mayberry's voice layered, heaped, and processed into a glowing, magical entity — the only light we might follow out from the landscape blacked by night, fogged over, and grown thick with buzzes and strings and encroaching, possibly dangerous, noise.

Moon King, "Apocalypse"

The new single by Canadian duo Moon King spends its first half building up, the chugging, persistent drum beat ever slightly off time with its repeating riff, lurching you forward faster than you realize. You just know it's going somewhere, and then it goes somewhere. Once that full, fuzzy, Siamese Dream guitar hits peak psych-gaze, you're there.

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