This Week's Best Songs Sleater-Kinney

This Week’s 6 Best Songs: Sleater-Kinney, The Soft Moon, and more

Get stuck into space-age soul, blackest ever post-punk, and more.

- Dec 5, 2014
We just finished our best videos of the year lists, so no best of the week today. But you can enjoy the best songs of the week below.

Sleater-Kinney, "Surface Envy"

"Now that they've got the "older and more reflective" single out of the way (as is required), this one's a classic anthem in the "Dig Me Out" mould."

THEESatisfaction feat. Shabazz Palaces and Erik Blood, "Recognition"

"...with the distorted thumb piano mysticism (aided by Erik Blood) plus overlapping vocals featuring their pals Shabazz Palaces, THEE's Cat and Stas perform like they've got an approving third eye following their every note."

The Soft Moon, "Black"

"Giving the populist mantra "I don't care what you say / live my life my own way" a gothy hiss, the real star is his swirling four-on-the-floor tarpit of sinister electronic noises, and resolution."

St. Vincent, "Pieta" and "Sparrow"



"With a propulsive skin-drum loop backing, "Pieta" sees Clark in full-on stalker mode: "Can I make a pet of you / Dress you up for all the girls" It doesn't seem like a request, not when she turns the glittering fantasy of hook right up. "Sparrow" is more immediately St. Vincent-y track: considered pace, grim, buzzy backing, and a beautiful, urgent moan at the centre."

Jordan Maason, "of hospitals"

"The same commanding voice that truly recognizes the devastation in Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own' turns its gaze to deep personal trauma delivered with rich poetry. It guides us at a cowpoke's pace through nine minutes of stormy electric riffing, with the entire band recognizing Mason's ache and working through it together."

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