This Week's Best Songs featuring Pusha T

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Pusha T, Carl Didur and more…

Dirty Beaches' Alex Zhang Hungtai emerges with a new project, Pusha T reunites with Kanye and more. Let's go.

- Nov 21, 2014
Are there new projects from Last Lizard and Pusha T on the way? Is there a better synthsayer in Toronto than Carl Didur? This week's 5 best songs refuse to answer, and we can't get them to talk.

Pusha T, "Lunch Money"

"The hook that opens Pusha T's new out-of-nowhere single shows he's not eager to drop the dope boy theatrics, nor the adventurous sonics, which Kanye West's bubbling mothership samples provide in droves. But the song is not about a bully's triumph or wrongheaded entitlement, as much as it represents a path to thriving when all the most "noble" routes are blocked."

Last Lizard, "Dickie's Theme"

"Fans (including us) mourned when Alex Zhang Hungtai announced the dissolution of Dirty Beaches, his shape-shifting, distressed highway lo-fi project. ...The wandering and gloomy nature of his new Last Lizard songs strike a familiar note to his final DB album, the instrumental Stateless."

Sleigh Bells feat. Tink, "That Did It"

"Rising rapper Tink glides into the formula easily, her rapping cadence harmonizing with Krauss's feathery melodies. And thanks to Tink's off-the-cuff mic test that forms the hook, she brings the group back to the impulsiveness that defined their earliest material."

Marissa Nadler, "Pitseleh" (Elliot Smith cover)

"...adds an extra veil of ethereal vulnerability and deadens the pulse slightly, giving new listeners more time to dwell with her on its confessions of inadequacy."

Carl Didur, "Big Money Buys The World"

"One half of Zacht Automaat, one of the best bands in Toronto, brings out a new project of experimental discursions."

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