This Week's Best Songs feat Father John Misty

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Father John Misty, José González, and more…

Sweet folk, snotty punk, and more musical treats.

- Nov 7, 2014
This week's 5 best songs include the return of a Toronto mainstay, a bearded American satirist, and a Swedish troubadour. Get stuck in below.

Father John Misty, "Bored In The USA"

Josh Tillman presents a portrait of life in America that toes the line between self-serious piano ballad commentary and very unserious social satire, complete with its own laugh track. And if he thinks his listeners need to be alerted to the double meaning of his lyrics, it makes sense. People don't always get it.

José González, "Every Age"

José González - Every Age (Official Video)

"...his tendency for a sparse and stirring guitar ballad is as keen as ever..."

Meligrove Band, "Sunrise Old"

"'Sunrise Old'...justifies their persistent descriptor "jangly" with Darcy Rego's shimmering mandolin-played-as-guitar line. It's still a great pop song, but it's got sections and orchestration and maturity."

Negative Rage, "Pile (Tina, Age 13)"

"'Pile (Tina, Age 13)' has moments of silence between the chain gang guitar crunch for feelings of futility to slip through, adding pale but captivating colour."

Jessica Pratt, "Back, Baby"

"Her mournful reflections - 'Things walk by you can never take back again' - seem to expose the ruins of a relationship, but the trick of her tough words and tender voice is how it can extend to just about any melancholy feeling, even if it's sprouted from something as small as a few drops of rain on the window."

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