This Week's Best Songs

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Greys, Clark, and more…

Catch up on all the stand out tracks from the past week.

- Sep 12, 2014
We've got music from all over the map this week, from loungecore to epic folk, psych-pop to orchestral house. We won't recommend U2, but we will recommend this U2 podcast. Listen to the five best songs of the week below.

Greys, "The Noise of Carpet" (Stereolab cover)

Who better to cover a smooth, spacey tune than Toronto's latest great loud hope? Stereolab doesn't seem like the most obvious cover choice from Greys, but it works without sacrificing the inherent qualities of either the band or the song. And it rips.

Richard Dawson, "Nothing Important"

"It emerges from a place of almost total ruination - family, of course - and spins its heart-rending dream of football, alcohol, and death in vivid detail. His guitar technique is similarly frayed; Dawson lets it ring hard in the most desperate moments, while casting off odd chords and plucking rhythms that give the whole thing an off-the-cuff feel and underscoring the harrowing sounds."

Clark, "Unfurla"

"Whereas the murky garage-tinted circuitry of "Stereoscope" would have fit comfortably on Modern Love, his latest track "Unfurla" is a cinematic call-to-arms, synths resplendent with the Ibiza sunrises of the first house releases but with a rising orchestral swoosh."

Code Orange, "Dreams In Inertia"

"Grim and guttural hardcore from Pittsburgh, splashed with moments of dreaminess."

Mirage, "Hubbard"

"19 year old Robin Nydal glides to the front of our psychedelic pop radar..."

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