This Week's Best Songs featuring Deafheaven

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Jennifer Castle, Deafheaven, and more…

Darkside says goodbye, Bobby Shmurda says hello, and more artists return bearing great new sounds.

- Aug 29, 2014
Play these songs during your office's designated music hour. It's worth it, we promise.

Jennifer Castle, "Nature"

 "The tender, soaring folk full of melancholy and wit feels like a relic, but with too much singular personality to be just some curio."

Darkside, "Gone Too Soon"

"'Gone Too Soon' knows what it is from the beginning: oil-slick funk casting a long a thick shadow across Jaar's dismal mutter, a jam session of distorted bongos and paranoid licks, approaching a sunrise."

Deafheaven, "From The Kettle Onto The Coil"

"Like their breakout album Sunbather (one of the albums that defined 2013), the operative words seems to be "woosh," but never without a few twists."

Bobby Shmurda, "Hot N*gga (Reggae Mix)"

"...the New York rapper's song has the world dancing in a way that transcends Vine memes: The proof is in the remix, featuring dancehall legends Elephant Man and Junior Reid as well as the still-breaking-out Mavado."

Old and Weird, "Am I Dumb"

"Like early Happy Mondays missing its Xanax, Old and Weird trying to eke out some fun from the occasionally nerve-racking present."

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