This Week's Best Songs

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Iceage, Absolutely Free, Hey Mother Death, and more…

Punk goes country, soft rock gets deep, and No Wave meets Sleater-Kinney.

- Jul 25, 2014
All this great music, things can get a little confusing! No, not Iceage the movie! Iceage the band! No the songs aren't Absolutely Free, but they are TOPS! Is Hey Mother Death an epidemic or a hot band? Figure it out! Listen to this week's five best songs below.

Iceage, "The Lord's Favourite"

Iceage - The Lord's Favorite

"...features none of the punishing apocalypse punk featured on their second and best album You're Nothing. Instead, they draw from the same well as rock revivalists like The Men and Pure X: a certain twang and screech played for devil for their soul even though they know they'll lose."

Hey Mother Death, "Highway"

"...death disco floating just above the wretched atmospheres it casts."

Absolutely Free "Beneath The Air"

"Motoring the track is yet another strain of propulsion in their endless cache, with synths that dial your retinas all the way open and let in colours you're not really supposed to see yet."

TOPS, "Way to be Loved"

" odd brew of pity and summertime crush niftily marries the band's melancholy streak with their jiggy, synth-speckled grooves."

Roberta Bondar, "Children"

"No Wave meets Sleater-Kinney from Ottawa's multitudinous rock scene."

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