This Week's Best Songs

This Week’s 4 Best Songs: Bon Iver, Ricky Eat Acid, Foxes In Fiction and more…

Justin Vernon returns solo, Orchid Tapes takes two spots, and Tim Hecker drowns Majical Cloudz in a tub of drone.

- Jul 4, 2014
Godspeed, y'all.

Foxes In Fiction, "Shadow's Song"

"The introduction's rippled Echo Chamber Of Melody is brought to a Julee Cruise vision of nightmare pop by guest Owen Pallett's strings, which act as both the tether and the harnessed."

Ricky Eat Acid, "Angels"

"Vocal samples recently stolen from lungs are chopped amidst shattering crashes and alarm drone, all totally unrelenting until a wash of synths at the end hits like a runner's high."

Majical Cloudz, "Savage" (Tim Hecker remix)

"The original single's cover art fits Tim Hecker's craft: plumes of crackling drone fissure and spark against contact from the sound of sawing, like the gases of a sunset being carved without direction."

Bon Iver, "Heavenly Father"

"Try to forget that the beatific drones and its tenderly overdubbed confessional will probably accompany some overwrought scene of "catharsis" and give it a listen."

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