This Week's Best Songs cold specks

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Cold Specks, Godflesh and more…

Loud weird metal, jangly folk epics, and maybe just a little bit of religious iconography.

- May 23, 2014
Bet you never thought folk rock could take it this far. A ten minute song?! We have that. Plus the returns of an Elephant 6 champion and Godflesh. Reunions work!

Cold Specks, "Absisto"

"'I don't suffer fools gladly,' Al Spx threatens sweetly, the sturdiest structure in a weird forest of light-catching guitar and gentle horns. But she delivers on her words following a mid-song dropout, in a crash of 1000 ride cymbals and waves of haunted distortion."

Godflesh, "Ringer"

"It's trench warfare, with programmed drums the targeted precision strikes and layers of sludgy metal loops that stick in your ears like napalm."

Circulatory System, "Stars And Molecules"

"...touched with a lingering sense of doom that pours into the negative space between the jangly death dreams of the song's disparate sections."

Ab-Soul feat. Action Bronson and Asaad, "Stigmata"

"'Stigmata' may or may not be a second edition of Ab-Soul reacting to Yeezus and his role as a self-perceived hip-hop Moses. But he's a leader that will body you with his enlightenment."

Nate Henricks, "Dead Fox Waltz"

"Smatterings of Wilco and Sufjan Stevens are the threads in ten and half minutes of noise, whether it's a collection of sleigh bells urging you to "Just keep on walking," dappled tropics, or Beach Boy harmonies amid a Kinks jam session."

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