This Week's 5 Best Songs

This Week’s 5 Best Songs: White Lung, Sharon Van Etten, and more…

A pseudo-Dipset reunion, enthusiastic melancholy and painful love songs.

- May 16, 2014
Cam'ron's back with another song for a comeback that's more than just socks. White Lung sharpens their sound on our faces. And Sharon Van Etten continues to make her album one of the most anticipated of the year. And even more. It feels like everyone did a good job this week.

Camron & A-Trak feat. Juelz Santana, "Dipshits"

Cam'ron & A-Trak - "Dipsh*ts" Official Music Video Premiere | First Look

"Thanks to the capes and dancing and a rattling beat, it's enough to keep Killa from becoming the Grumpy Cat of hip-hop."

White Lung, "Face Down"

White Lung - Face Down (Official Video)

"Its solos are tiny knives glinting from someone's belly, competing roars lashed together like siblings forced to work it out."

Sharon Van Etten, "Your Love Is Killing Me"

"What makes it a great love song is that the chief conflict comes from herself. Her pain's source is almost incidental to the battles she's waging within, the ones she can't escape with a deleted phone number or a move to a different city."

copeland, "Smitten"

copeland - Smitten

"...the non-album 7" is a bitter, belt-pressed beat wrenched from one of The Knife's electro conflagrations, with a headrush of synth chords and copeland owning her sadness, drifting just over the assault."

Library Voices, "John Farrell Buffalo"

The band’s new For John EP drives their sound into lo-fi, contemplative (though stillsomewhat Pop as Fuck) territory, with hints of Spiritualized and Sloan. “John Farrell Buffalo” is its centrepiece, a musical eulogy. 

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