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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: White Lung, Young Thug, Popstrangers and more…

Feminist punk, brutal beats and off-kilter kiwi pop make up this week's best.

- Apr 25, 2014
What's for lunch today, everyone? A meat and a starch? Veggies and an assorted pulse salad? Or is it this week's five best songs?! Put down the fork and pick up the earbuds.

White Lung, "Snake Jaw"

"'Snake Jaw' is about the fact that women—myself included—still struggle so much with the idea of what we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to look like, and how that pertains to our sexuality, our power, our attractiveness, and even our intelligence." - White Lung vocalist/guitarist Mish Way

Tobacco, "Streaker"

"With the world now dominated with brutal, banging beats, on 'Streaker,' Tobacco's watching the throne he cast for himself in 2008."

Young Thug feat. Iamsu!, "OMG"

"[Thug's] flow cuts like fiddle wire through C4 and P-Lo's Jello-molded synth lines (and "Grindin'" snare!), a more natural fit for Iamsu! to surf along on effortlessly."

Ben Frost, "Nolan"

"What's crucial is that it's never entirely dragged under during the nearly seven minute fire-and-brimstone sermon: there'll be a stretch of layered artillery blasts, then a few glittering notes peek through whatever layer of space time we're about to melt through."

Popstrangers, "Don't Be Afraid"

"...thrives in the extremes of a faltering relationship: hunched, tuned-down guitar chords vocalize a desperate internal anxiety, then everything suddenly jumps into a whirling psilocybin colour wheel."

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