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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Daphni & Owen Pallett, Twin Shadow, and more…

Anxious dance, nervy post-punk, pop bombast. Listen to it all.

- Apr 17, 2014
It's been a good week for weird, good, weird Canadian music. Plus, a little bit of gloriously bombastic cheese from Twin Shadow.  Enjoy the week's five best songs below.

Daphni & Owen Pallett, "Julia"

"Both "Julia" and "Tiberius" pair anxious violin stabs and wonky electro, but the first track's more of a party compared to the shell-shocked militarism of "Tiberius.""

Telstar Drugs, "Unglued"

"...a slow-growing din of anxieties. It sounds like rats running around in a maze, bumping into walls, getting turned around. There are no prizes. There is no exit. Surprise: we're the rats."

Twin Shadow, "To The Top"

"It's more than just a boombox outside your window, demanding just one more chance tonight: it's a full-on love invasion."

Ought, "Habit"

"Like Talking Heads, here OUGHT have the ability to make their music sound in on the joke, its wandering guitar chords cascading through curious bass and half-remembered dream keyboards."

Hive Bent, "Fedora"

"The malcontent pace quickly hardens the track from sludgy Sonic Youth demo into the protestations of raw, grinding machinery that threatens to consume everything save the megaphoned vocals."

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