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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: tUnE-yArDs, Young Thug, Douglas Dare, and more…

Noise pop, Brit-influenced swagger and neo-classical electronics star this week.

- Apr 11, 2014
This week's five best songs are all terrible. Don't listen to them. I'm a boring old man!

tUnE-yArDs, "Wait For A Minute"

tUnE-yArDs - Wait for a Minute (4AD)

"The William Onyeabor-style intro melts away into an overcast confluence on Garbus's clown-coloured harmonies and a surprisingly compressed kick, though the distinctive synths and basslines are retained like a stream of sea turtles migrating across a rained out beach."

Douglas Dare, "Swim"

"...buzzy, Nigel Godrich-style electronics wrap themselves like a diving bell around Dare's bullish ivories."

Young Thug feat. Zuse, "Treasure"

"...a Thugga/Zuse banger that has [Dun Deal's] signature horns venturing wayyy down on the keyboard and getting pitched and filtered into perplexing new contortions, matching Young Thug's squeal and Zuse's machine-gun patois."

Dessert, "Player"

"Pigtailed vocal melodies do a double dutch over gaping squalls of noise and seemingly arbitrary intermissions (including a dog's barking)."

Blonde Elvis, "Fit For Her"

"For the last couple of years, Jesse James Laderoute has been honing his literate pop chops in Blonde Elvis. After some time spent working his sarcastic Scotch-drunk swagger onstage, he’s ready to debut the first taste of the band’s upcoming debut LP. Listen to the premiere of 'Fit For Her'."

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