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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Merchandise, Swans, Fucked Up and more…

An 18-minute hardcore track and Michael Gira gets funky in this week's best songs.

- Mar 28, 2014
After a lengthy seven day hiatus, just when no one thought it was possible, the best songs of the week is back for a one-off reunion. No pictures.

Merchandise, "Figured It Out"

"The radio dial turns, and with a flash of classic rock chords, the colour of magic hour is cast over the haunted attic Merchandise's sound used to inhabit. It's enough for a whole new (old) generation's eyes to focus on their still-intact spectral guitar bravado..."

Swans, "A Little God On My Hands"

"[Michael Gira] guides the track into a big band supernova, guitar picking gentle and ominous like light blood rain, a dreadful and perplexing orchestra all his own."

Fucked Up, "Year Of The Dragon"

"Damian Abraham casts his eye over the scorched landscape and breathes an indistinguishable, indiscriminate fire, while around him a new and enchanting vigour courses through a tightly wound mayhem that breathes black smoke and the screams of villagers."

Todd Terje & Bryan Ferry, "Johnny and Mary"

"The tags on the Soundcloud page may seem like a self-deprecating stab at perceived synth mawkishness, but Terje never hedges his music in kitsch: the vintage keys may be plush, but "Johnny and Mary" cuts to the root."

Ben Frost, "Venter"

"'Venter' is a cursed tomb slowly releasing its awful secrets: the brawny drums, the approaching black tide of synths, the frequencies so high they pinch your inner ear. It's a conference between scholars of destructive music."

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