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This Week’s 5 Best Songs: Holy Fuck, Viet Cong, You’ll Never Get To Heaven and more… Dean Blunt and Oneohtrix Point Never.

- Mar 14, 2014
Just as we were writing this Holy Fuck released their first song in four years. Wow! THAT changed some things. But it was pretty clear cut otherwise: great new tracks from Dean Blunt, Oneohtrix Point Never, and more made up our picks for the five best songs of the week.

Viet Cong, "Bunker Buster"

"The opening chords demonstrate a remarkable tensility that's tested with stacks of anxious shrieks, never snapping completely, even during the protracted krautrock jam session. It rages against an indistinct dread, like it's thrashing around to see the reaper standing just behind its shoulder."

You'll Never Get To Heaven, "Adorn"

"You'll Never Get To Heaven's new EP Adorn...reinforce[s[ and expand[s] on the notion of Chuck Blazevic and Alice Hansen as one of Canada's most colourful atmospheric pop duos."

Holy Fuck, "Sabbatics"

"Their first new track in four years, 'Sabbatics' re-establishes Holy Fuck as kings of the growling, guttural bass, of the stalking melody line, of weirdly groovy experimental music."

Dean Blunt, "Mersh"


"Post-punk's foundation in dub is present in the warm bassline coiled around twitchy yelps, and Blunt mumbles like he's casting off drink orders for a bartender that already knows what they are."

Oneohtrix Point Never, "Music For Steamed Rocks"

"Like his R Plus 7 standout "Chrome Country," this track creates beauty from a seed of uncanny humanity in the form of a vocal patch, even while doing its best to highlight its true nature with bursts of alienating static. Even before it's beamed off into the distance for a doleful (and equally synthetic) second half, it's already reached you."

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