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This Week’s Best Songs: Never Young, Rick Ross, Evian Christ and more… You'll Never Get To Heaven and SD Laika.

- Feb 28, 2014
"Have you gotten the hook from "Sanctified" out of your head yet? Or woken up from the dream that was "By This River?" Us neither. That's why we're going to relive them over and over, along with the rest of this week's best songs.

Never Young, "Teenage Dræm"

"'Teenage Dræm' starts and ends with a noisy fusillade – something like 'cheese grater against detuned guitar.' It becomes a vice grip ever more tight against the muck-pop melodies within."

Evian Christ, "Waterfall"

"Not too dissimilar from the hardcore militarism of Randomer or Tessela, but a bit more epic in scope, thanks to a piano interlude soaked in hot motor oil and blistering angrily."

Rick Ross feat. Kanye West and Big Sean, "Sanctified"

"Sean provides a superb hook of palatial yearning that each rapper feeds off, sending Yeezus to look for God within bottle service rather than the church service, and Ross to become the 'fresh David Koresh.'"

SD Laika, "Meshes"

"'Meshes' hijacks dollar store samples (brassy percussion, meditative chants) with avant-garde drones, and sets them to the beat of a Velociraptor in pursuit."

You'll Never Get To Heaven, "By This River"

"It’s more rarefied than anything on their great self-titled debut, pulled through the fog by an orchestra over the reliably affecting loops of bass and keys, tightly bound together while calling out to each other from some impenetrable distance."

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