This Week's Best Songs: A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Speedy Ortiz, The Men and more… Trust and St. Vincent.

- Jan 10, 2014
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A few great acts made welcome returns this week. So be a polite host and invite them all into your ear homes by clicking play on the best songs of the week below.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)”

“Not even shoegaze can mask dripping sentiment with effects and distortion, but the subgenre seems made to stand at the altar with the brimming, twitchy love found in songs like this one.”

The Men, “Pearly Gates”

“The sound of “Pearly Gates” is that of some B-level cult leader throwing out the script mid-sermon, tossing a couple guitars into the choir, and ripping into roots rock infected with the Holy Spirit.”

Trust, “Rescue, Mister”

“HI-NRG kicks get you right in the chest and guttural pitches usually reserved for seances are twisted into some kind of smile, as glazed twinkles spark above like emergency exit lights on a factory floor.”

Speedy Ortiz, “American Horror”

“Just listen to the foregrounded, full-hearted guitar-and-drums crunch of 'American Horror' and the heart-on-sleeve lyricism of underground hero/Creative Writing MFA candidate Sadie Dupuis, and get excited for the next dose.”

St. Vincent, “Digital Witness”

St. Vincent - Digital Witness (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

“The latest cut from the impending St. Vincent...marches along big and brassy, and sees the artist modelling her devastatingly effective ironic charisma on what could be a dystopian used brain salesman.”


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