The Week’s Best Songs: SBTRKT, Pixies, and more…

Welcome to the first Week's Best Songs roundup of 2014!

- Jan 3, 2014

Welcome to the first Week's Best Songs roundup of 2014! Really, we should probably call this The Second Half of the Week's Best Songs, since no artists (or at least very few) would risk releasing new music right before New Year's, but once that clock hit midnight bands' Soundcloud upload fingers started to get itchy. I guess we can call these the best songs of 2014, if you're reading this the same day we're posting it.

SBTRKT, "Runaway"

"SBTRKT waited until the first possible moment to share this unreleased little gem, ...but though he used it to herald 2014, “Runaway” actually dates back to 2011... the days before 'featuring Jessie Ware and Sampha' would mean much to casual listeners, but now that those two have revealed themselves to be R&B stars-in-waiting, that’s enough to make a one-minute song snippet well worth a listen. So listen."

Del The Funky Homosapien, "Leader"

"The sci-fi friendly rapper didn’t sit out 2013 – Deltron 3030 made their long-awaited return – but we’ve gotten so used to discussing Del in relation to his groups and collaborations, it’s good to hear him take the spotlight for himself, even if he’s using it to play the greying 'get off my lawn' veteran."

Silkken Laumann, "Obvious Water (Yer a kitten)

"They’re a bit moodier and (yup) silkier than their contemporaries. They lean heavily on the arpeggiator, with a lot of steam-building groove but with too much polite restraint to really blow it out (I believe the kids call that 'the drop.') But when they do lean in, it’s the definition of 'promise.'"

Pixies, "Blue Eyed Hexe"

"Based on the first single [on EP-2], it seems like they’re sticking to their practically post-Deal Trompe Le Monde sound; it's basically a rewrite of 'U-mass.'"

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