This Week’s Best Songs: The War On Drugs, Ben Khan, Fatima and more… Pete Swanson and Sides of Chaz.

- Dec 6, 2013

These are some of the songs that we listened to and enjoyed this week. They were good. Will you enjoy them? Yes.

Pete Swanson, “Pleasure Averse”

“At six and a half minutes, it's more of a workout than a marathon, ringing out with a heartbroken melody getting progressively lost under its militaristic stomp towards a newly annexed dancefloor.”

 Ben Khan, “Savage”

“...Khan's vocals have thrown a leash around the track's scaly, colossal neck and are attempting to guide it towards the Kingdom of Top 40.”

The War On Drugs, “Red Eyes”

“...its most endearing accomplishment is not just the energy, but the versatility in how it's maintained: the usual suspects like souped-up guitars, acoustic and electric dueling like drag racers, are present.”

Sides of Chaz, “Sweet Tea”

“It's full of a scraggly, almost free-form energy descended from lo-fi demo tapes, determined to shine while retaining its raw sonics.”

Fatima, “Black Dough”

“The singer hair-flips with soulful declarations of focus against a nearly antagonistic production from Flako.”

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