Best Music Videos of August 2015 feat. The Chemical Brothers

10 Best Music Videos of August 2015

The clips to get you through the end of the summer. Instant classics from Harrison, Tame Impala, Autre Ne Veut and more.

- Sep 1, 2015

The dog days of summer might not seem the best time to plant yourself in front of your computer to watch music videos, so Harrison created one you can watch on your phone and somehow smashed our conception of videos, funding, and relationship decorum in the process. He joins standouts by Dilly Dally, Deerhunter, Tame Impala and more this month.

Below, watch the 10 best music videos of August.

Harrison (ft. Maddie), "How Can It Be"

Not long ago a breakup text would seem like the ultimate cold move, the 21st century version of a Sex and the City plot. However, I have a theory that this is the generation when breaking up via text won't only be destigmatized, it'll be normalized. Our phones are now our conduits to all our once unmediated human experiences, from shopping to eating to dating. We swipe our hookups, we eggplant, we xoxo, we profess our <3, and, yes, eventually, we end it. All via our phones.

Harrison is 19 years old, the exact age to see that tide turning. The Toronto producer, one of our young Canadian producers you need to know, dramatizes that exact experience via an innovative new video designed specifically to be watched on your phone (if you're reading this on your computer, switch).

Autre Ne Veut, "World War Pt. 2"

Autre Ne Veut - World War Pt. 2 [Official Video]

Warning: don’t make this the first video you watch today. Have a coffee first, then sit down and hit play. Arthur Ashin strives to make you feel discomfort in the new song and video for “World War Pt. 2,” like an unknown presence creeping up on you in a dark cabin. It follows in your shadow, lodges itself inside your head, and when you fixate on the source and stare it in its eyes, it freezes like a weeping angel.

Dilly Dally, "Desire"

Dilly Dally - Desire

In the Benjamin Dabu-directed video for "Desire," Toronto grunge-rock four-piece Dilly Dally teach us that, in this life, the desiring never stops. Unfortunately, our satisfaction is transitory. And worse, the good times often aren't ushered out on their own accord. Something usually rains on our parade. When you're hungry, the only food you can find is rotten. A daydream gets ruined by some passing asshole. Your skateboard earns you a mouth full of blood. Cloud spotting gets broken up by bird shit. Wanna know what I want? This song. And the beauty is: I can have it. Again and again. Fucking indie rock soul food, it is. But, like the video asks, will I ever truly get my fill?

Youth Lagoon, "Highway Patrol Stun Gun"

Youth Lagoon - Highway Patrol Stun Gun (Official Video)

The 26-year-old, Idaho-based songwriter Trevor Powers, a.k.a. Youth Lagoon, has dropped off a heavy clip directed by Kendy Ty. In "Highway Patrol Stun Gun," a masked man shadows Powers. He's a part of him, something he carries around — always with him everywhere. Until, all at once, he disappears. Staring long out the window and looking a bit broken, you get the feeling that the character still lives with Powers, now in some deeper recess.

Petite Noir, "Best"

Petite Noir - Best (Official Video)

Petite Noir a.k.a Yannick Ilunga is redirecting the gaze usually directed at Africa. Directed by Travys Owen the dreamy "Best" video follows the Cape Town artist running through a tiring series of transcendent landscapes. Apathetic faces appear and morph into others, all while Noir keeps running until he's thrown into the stratosphere.

Jazz Cartier, "The Valley / Dead or Alive"

Jazz Cartier – The Valley / Dead Or Alive

The latest in a string of cinematic, smooth, and stylish music videos from Jazz Cartier brings us on a small tour through the views in Toronto with one of his mixtape’s best songs (but let’s be real, they’re all worthy of that title.) He’s hopping off the VIA rail, walking above the tracks at Union Station, through the Eaton Centre, and staring at the skyline from the island. Cartier takes in all these views completely alone, except for the crosswalk at Queen and University, which is an impossible task.

Deerhunter, "Snakeskin"

Deerhunter - Snakeskin

Once again, Deerhunter have taken a surprising new direction that is entirely unsurprising only because it's Deerhunter. After they heralded the scuzz-punk direction of Monomania with an all-time WTF performance on Fallon, their new direction sounds bright and poppy and - wait - funky. But, what's normal for one band is uncanny when it's Deerhunter.

The Chemical Brothers, "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted"

The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

The new video from The Chemical Brothers is the loneliest sequel to 28 Weeks Later you'll ever see. Director Ninian Doff built a world within a desert that you’d hope doesn’t exist on earth. Crumbling cyborgs with decapitated limbs roam the cold-toned lifeless area searching for a friend, or at least someone to lend a hand to.

Tame Impala, "Let It Happen"

Tame Impala - Let It Happen

Tame Impala presents "Let It Happen," a clip directed by Dave Wilson positioning their fatalistic, chill bro philosophy opposite to — I don't know — freaking the fuck out (which just ain't cool, I guess). Our panicky suit collapses dramatically in the airport terminal, then on the plane, then again in the hotel room, finding himself each time perfectly fine, tip-top, a-okay, exactly where he was meant to be, until... crisis again.

The Dears, "I Used to Pray to the Heavens to Fall"

The Dears - "I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall" (Official Lyric Video)

Leading up to their new album, The Dears weren't sure if they'd even continue as a band. But they sound totally rejuvenated on their new single "I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall," their moody indie rock layered with tropical licks, horns and, naturally, a towering guitar solo crescendo. It's still classic Dears bombast, but it's sounding a bit more vibrant, almost TV On The Radio-esque in its sophisticated arrangement.

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