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10 Best Music Videos of June 2015

Straightjackets, aliens, a horny garbage monster — the summer solstice sure brings out all the weirdos.

- Jun 30, 2015

Mac DeMarco held a cover song contest. Bjork delivered a fully-explorable panorama clip.  There was a memorable discussion about the shelf life of indie bands conducted by an indie band from within the confines of an indie band video. This month's crop of music videos were certainly an ambitious lot. Here are the 10 best music videos of June 2015.

Mac DeMarco, "Another One"

Is Mac DeMarco training an army of Mac DeMarcos? Watch his official self-directed "Another One" video, complete with Michael Jackson mask, the ocean, and the unsettling premonition of the inevitable dirtbag revolution of 2016.

Braids, "Miniskirt"

Braids - "Miniskirt" (Official Music Video)

When imagining a video to accompany a song as powerful as "Miniskirt," simplicity can nuance when storying might convolute. Director Kevan Funk settles on a handful of strong images, vignettes, forwarding an essay alongside Raphaelle Standell-Preston's own about how we (and, here, I mean men) sometimes feel entitled to what and who we find attractive.

Stars, "No One Is Lost"

Stars - No One Is Lost (Official Video)

The video for "No One Is Lost," the title track from Stars' eighth album, plays like a lost short by Richard Linklater. We catch the band in pairs — Torq and Amy, Pat and Evan — deep in quasi-philosophical discussion about the future of Stars itself. A great question: what's the shelf life of an indie band?

Björk, "Stonemilker"

björk: stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality)

Björk's new 360 degree panorama music video is described as "virtual reality" and not "interactive," which feels like a nice retro reprieve from the new trend in videos (it did premiere in an art gallery and not online, after all). It's also a rare interactive video that we can embed here without making you click away to a standalone site, so that's nice. Refreshingly simple, the Andrew Thomas Huang-directed video consists of Björk doing her Björk thing while surrounded by a beautiful Icelandic beach panorama that you can explore independently by moving the cursor in the top-left corner of your screen.

JOOJ, "Jessica"

JOOJ (featuring Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz)- Jessica

“Jessica” is avant-garde powerduo Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz's affecting tale of young untameable girlhood inspired by the early loss of Lee’s sister Dede and her friend, Jessica. The description for the video, directed by Sook-Yin Lee herself, reads: "confined to a mysterious space, two girls pass the time, idly, then uncontrollably - awkwardly trying fit the role of a ballerina and a showgirl - only to surrender to their circumstance, unsure of what it is.”

Terror Pigeon, "BYOYOLO"

Terror Pigeon are the band that you should’ve been in love with by now, but somehow last year's Live It Up Before You Die It Up! floated by you. It’s like party music for people who hate partying but want to learn how to party. You know? Their video for “BYOYOLO” is more or less everything you don’t expect to show up on your screen when you hit play. But when you do, and the words “go and fuck the shit out of your dreams” grace your ear canals, it gets pretty real.

No Joy, "Everything New"

No Joy - Everything New [Official Video]

In the Jason Harvey-directed video, L.A. is slicked over by trash and a show poster littered by No Joy is enough to wake the garbage monster (and it's horny, we're told). Then, in a quick turn, POW!, we see that we're the real trash. Hardcore human garbage — oblivious to and negligent of the beauty that's all around, consuming and spewing meaninglessness, polluting an otherwise okay place with our ugly residues.

Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West, "U Mad"

Vic Mensa - U Mad ft. Kanye West

The ultimate villain's anthem gets a video directed by Grant Singer, and like anything Kanye steps near lately, it's all fireworks and arty and minimal. The centrepiece is young Mensa squirming in a black straight jacket while he gets showered by sparks. Then, there's shots of a riot — cast in red light, if we hadn't already caught the drift.

DOOMSQUAD, "Two-Way Mirror"

DOOMSQUAD's "Two-Way Mirror" clip follows a hippie-haired tour guide who leads vacationers on an expedition to the Roswell crash site. Off the clock, he's on his own voyage to find the truth, encountering extraterrestrial glyphs, tracking the skies, and eating strange, possibly magical cheese. DOOMSQUAD's tight groove sets the man on his mission. They say your work is easier when you believe in what you're selling.

Young Guv, "Aquarian"

Young Guv - Aquarian

Ben Cook of Fucked Up and Young Guv sulks around the gardens and grounds of some ritzy estate to the tune of vintage synths. You could call it palatial malaise — the look and the sound.

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