Best Music Videos of November 2014

The 20 Best Music Videos of November 2014

The last monthly video roundup of 2014 is here. Then we go yearly.

- Dec 1, 2014
Which of the best music videos of November 2014 will make the year-end list? Some? All? Tune in next month for The Best Music Videos of November 2014 2: The Best Music Videos of 2014

Owen Pallett, "In Conflict"

"The rare level of personal investment in the video is mostly thanks to Owen Pallett's leading role; he's one of a handful of wordless actors attacking, loving and escaping each other as told in shards of abstract imagery, like mongrel dream-memories. Jason Last and Jamie Rubiano direct."

José González, "Every Age"

José González - Every Age (Official Video)

"...the old viral trick of launching a balloon into space for a new view is made fresh by a fish eye lens. It encases the field that the balloon is launched from in a globe of its own, and we get a new view of the planet before ever leaving it."

Metronomy, "The Upsetter"

Metronomy - The Upsetter (Official Video)

"Daren Rabinovitch's clip for "The Upsetter" is [Metronomy's] most melancholy clip from Love Letters yet, but is no less magical for it."

Belle And Sebastian, "The Party Line"

Belle and Sebastian - The Party Line

"This new video from Belle And Sebastian, patron saints of Glasgow cardigan pop, is shot at the Great Hall in Toronto. And, surprise surprise, I do recognize a few of those bangs and glasses. Turns out some of my friends were born to star in Belle And Sebastian videos."

Angel Olsen, "Windows"

Angel Olsen - "Windows" (Official Video)

"[Rick Alverson] takes us on a journey of domestic interiors, gorgeously considered and composed down to Olsen's wordless performance as an unsatisfied parent."

Clark, "Winter Linn"

"The visuals are a bit of a throwback, like the spinning contents of museum display case rendered in 3D. But add the footage of exploding humanoid mist plus 2001's Space Baby, and you have enough to keep it worthy of the gallery."

Richard Dawson, "The Vile Stuff"

Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff (Official Video)

"Such a song wouldn't appear to lend itself well to images of the musician laughing it up with friends in a pub, but the tune provides a layer of witchy irony, especially when the masks and flickering religious imagery kicks in."

Kim Deal, "Biker Gone"

"The track's video (directed by Lance Bangs) sees Kim, her sister Kelley and drummer Britt Walford (all original members of The Breeders) in their own Six Feet Under scenario. And in this week's episode, the dead guy is a biker. Kim and co. are the house band for both the reception and the wake, but for the most badass moment in a video full of badassery, watch for when Kim incorporates her uniform into her solos."

Viet Cong, "Continental Shelf" (NSFW)

Viet Cong - “Continental Shelf" (Official Video)

"Women dead or generally in distress is the overarching motif in Yoonha Park's newest clip; he says it's meant to resemble '...screen tests from a lost movie.'"

Arca, "Xen"

Arca - Xen (Official Video)

"...the strobe-heavy return of the producer's humanoid alter-ego's gyrations feels...exciting and vital."

Total Control, "Flesh War"

Total Control - Flesh War [Official Video]

"It's nothing more than a steady shot through a rainy night drive, but has a predatory gaze that rings of next door neighbour slasher flicks like Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer."

Les Sins feat. Nate Salman, "Why"

Les Sins "Why feat. Nate Salman"

"Chaz handles the plane of blocky, glitched-out characters (though we do get a peek behind the curtain at the real Chaz's process) and Nate traverses the streets, signing and splashes with colour."

MAIA, "Quartz"

"Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel)'s new synth-age project MAIA has a new video collection classic post-Earth animation, and it's lovely. You can practically hear the comets."

Ben Frost, "Nolan" (Regis Self Medicating Edit Remix)

Ben Frost :: 'Nolan' :: Regis Self Medicating Edit

"Through one amphetamine-stimulated retina, you're seeing hyperactive club lights. In the other, a Formula 1 race through an underground tunnel."

Iceage, "Against The Moon"

Iceage - Against The Moon

"The unconventional beauty and vulnerability of two bodies is overruled by the predatory gaze of a third, and renders their gyrations, laughter, and terror moot under his survey of their domain. Indictment or exploitation?"

Beyoncé, "7/11"

"It's much different from other megastar attempts at the "leaked home video," because it actually looks like one. She's wearing comfy clothes, at home, and falling on her face with friends. But throughout these scenes (each perfect for a GIF, quickly cut and with a stuttered editing) she maintains her glamour, her Beyoncé-ness, still 'fresher than youuuuu.'"

Blanche Blanche Blanche, "New Food"

Blanche Blanche Blanche "New Food" [dir. : EyeBodega]

"EyeBodega's clip for 'New Food' provides a look at a a strange and colourful new world in a similar vein to our resident cartoonist, this time with added geometric patterns and 3D shapes."

EMA, "3Jane"

EMA - 3Jane (Official Video)

"Trapped in a mansion with a robotic doppelganger, EMA's hermitage becomes a reaction to the outside world and its drones and invisible, all-seeing eyes. Read the director's statement at Dazed.

Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat"

Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (Hunger Games)

"[Emily Kai Bock's] visuals make good use of the New Zealand singer's bewildering charisma while keeping in mind the clip's primary function: a showcase for a pop star. In a seedy motel, partying in the street or with some flappers, and in one very thematically appropriate nod to The Shining, there's no compromise, just challenge."

Saxsyndrum, "Maceonectar"

Saxsyndrum - Maceonectar (Official Video)

"For me, listening to this piece is like a walk at sunrise (post-meditation) through a tropical aviary. The bird song elements and their disarming inorganic quality are what inspired the video's looping, giffy style and the bright, bouncy, flickering and lo-fi aesthetic." - Director  Frances Adair Mckenzie

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