Best Music Videos of September 2014 including Perfume Genius

The 15 Best Music Videos of September 2014

We got through the entire month without a pumpkin spice latte joke. Celebrate with us and these great clips.

- Oct 1, 2014
Welcome to the best music videos of September 2014. We're so glad you could come. Take off your shoes, please. And your socks. Then the rest of your clothes. And stay awhile. Then watch these uncanny, dreamy, lofty, disturbing and beautiful videos.

Iceage, "Forever"

Iceage - Forever

"Newly country-dusted and post-punk, Iceage invite themselves into the home of legendary trickster Marcel De Sade for a shadowy turn up."

Now listen to this: Their new album Plowing Into The Field Of Love, streaming online.

Sean Nicholas Savage, "Darkness"

Sean Nicholas Savage - Darkness (Official Video)

"'You've always been the caretaker.' Yes, the Montreal crooner's latest video resembles the ending of The Shining, and he does have a stare like he's ready to chase his son through a maze."

Now read this: How to make your own old timey photos. Oxford bob not required.

Suuns, "Sunspot"

Suuns - "Sunspot" (Official Video)

"If you watch all of Ben Semie's new video, I promise you'll be so bored you'll never waste time washing your hands again, no matter what filth you touch."

Now watch this: This OCD documentary at the NFB. And, the work of Richard Serra, which inspired this clip.

RATKING, "So It Goes"

RATKING - So It Goes

"The TV monitors behind Hak, Wiki, and Sporting Life show indifferent cops and more scenic and abstract material, like graffiti or two cats playing. It's only when it all comes crashing down that it feels like a condemnation not of turmoil, but distractions from it."

Now watch this: Wiki's ocean-crossing collaboration with Skepta on the remix of "That's Not Me"

TOPS, "Way To Be Loved"

TOPS - Way To Be Loved (Official Video)

"The clip gives Montreal's hottest synth-pop band the loft's stage while hot clothes and hotter famous people mingle over a single lobster."

Now read this: Our review of their homecoming show at Pop Montréal.

Ty Segall, "Manipulator"

Ty Segall "Manipulator" (Official Video) [Interactive Music Video -- Director's Playthrough!!!]

"Director Matt Yoka has given Ty Segall the Pharrell's "Happy" of 2014 of rock videos."

Now try this: It's an interactive video! Make your own!

Ten Walls, "Walking With Elephants"

Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants [Official Video]

"Black-and-white morphsuits beckoned by a beacon run a marathon across land and sea to get to it, but when they hit the ocean they have some kind of water-fuelled propulsion system launching them out of the water like a beautiful fetish dolphin."

Now watch this: Morphsuits at home

Perfume Genius, "Dirt"

Perfume Genius - 'Grid' (Official Video)

"'Dirt' sees Mike Hadreas as both the punching bag and main course for a group of silver morph-suited dancers and other humanoids."

Now watch this: His last music video for "Queen," directed by SSION.

Les Sins, "Bother"

Les Sins "Bother"

"You don't really know how much you needed to see one of those flailing inflatable mascots roadtripping across America until you actually see it."

Now watch this: Watch this heartwarming video of a soldier returning to America.

Metronomy, "Month Of Sundays"

"A stunning, swooping camera trick transforms dingy carparks and stairwells (as well as very nice parks) into an unbroken string of Escher paintings."

Now watch this: The Morphsuit Bandits.

Tanya Tagaq, "Uja / Umingmak" live at the Polaris Prize gala

Polaris Music Prize Gala 2014 - Full show

"A transcendent, literally unspeakable talent finally [gets] the stage worthy of its size..."

Now read this: Her UNCHARTED profile

Walter TV, "Master Ludi"


"Pierce McGarry of Walter TV is formidable director on his own, but even he's never rendered something quite as disturbing as Cole Kush's clip for his band."

Now read this: Their profile, also UNCHARTED

Brazilian Money, "Job Slob"

Brazilian Money - Job Slob

"It's possible to be productive with four (!) pulsing jets and no clothes, as Garrett Johnson proves. We get a stuff, oak-rich office for comparison, and it's just not the same. NWTS."

Now watch this: An actress in a jacuzzi commercial taking a big shit in the product.

WAND, "Flying Golem"

WAND - Flying Golem

It has all the finesse of 48 hours spent with a grab bag of animation programs, but the psychedelic and loop-heavy journey through sketchbook, tablet and 8-bit is definitely working off some special frequencies.

Now watch this: Kool A.D.'s "Word" video, for more strange animation

Cibo Matto, "Deja Vu"

CIBO MATTO 'DEJA VU' (Official Music Video)

"True to form, their New York layover is a strange excursion, filmed by Jean Claude Billmaier on an Xbox Kinect camera."

Now watch this: Did you know Michel Gondry directed their video for "Sugar Water?" They're even cooler than you knew!

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